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About Our company

Welcome to Mohau Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Mohau Holdings was found on strong values. We believe in trouble free business environment, a stress free service most importantly customer retention. We go out of our way to find out exactly what the customer expected from us long before got meet with us that is the need we want to address.

In this organization we go at length to make sure that every staff member is doing what is best on we also say it is at this organization where staff has the opportunity to exercise their minds without fear of blame.Every staff member of ours is an important link with the outside world these are the people who sell our organization during business hours and beyond. We believe it is possible to make every staff member happy who in turn will make our customer even happier.




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Services We Provide

Our highly customized teams bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expertperspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake.

Debt Counseling

Debt consolidation services are a welcome relief for many consumers who are overwhelmed by their debt...

Mohau Real Estate

We market a process that specialises in clearing our clients from blacklistings at the credit bureaus,...

Mohau Security

In the modern world, criminals are getting smarter and smarter, and so our methods of preventing crime ...

Mohau Cleaning

We are here to provide an excellent and satisfying cleaning service, using only environmental friendly products...

Mohau Enterprise

Mohau Enterprise came into existence so as to take advantage of available joint ventures and partnership in...

MH Car Splash

We strive to be the best car was in town with our welcoming environment and friendly staff...

Latest news

Circular 3 of 2018

New enhanced debt help system This circular is intended to inform all debt counselors that the National Credit Regulator will be migrating to a new Debt Help System (“DHS”)

Consumer credit health improves

the National Credit Regulator (NCR) released the Consumer Credit Market Report (CCMR) and the Credit Bureau Monitor (CBM), which are based on data submitted to the NCR by registered credit providers and credit bureaus respectively.

Credit extension slows down

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) released the Consumer Credit Market Report (CCMR) and the Credit Bureau Monitor (CBM).