MH Car Splash

Mohau Holdings Car Splash

We advise individuals and companies on cleanliness

At Mohau Holdings Car Splash, we give special attention to all vehicles that turn to our car splash. We keep the area of our operation clean so that the vehicles can be well cleaned.

MH Car splash is part of the Mohau holdings (PTY) LTD group, being part of the group our customers can be sure of sustain business. We use the best chemicals to get best results.

Our Specialties

Our highly customized teams bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expertperspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake.

Body Polish

The body polish we use is highly recommended for all metallic paints, this polish bring out the original colour of the vehicle. It is recommended that the polish should be applied once a month on to the body of the vehicle we therefore have a way to monitor that.


We give specialised attention to the vehicle head lights , it is being said that eyes are the windows to your souls with cars we say head lights are the reflection of the clean car inside out.

Car Ceilings

It is very strange that car ceilings are normally the dirtiest we therefore give a special attention to car ceilings we keep it in its optimum look


We do valet for all vehicles.
Sedan, 7 seaters, Bus/ Coaches including Special bookings

Prepaid Car Wash

We encourage a pre paid business so that we can set up a plan to get your car polished once a month then keep the record of cleaning so that our customers get maximum satisfaction in car wash.


We have a group scheme where we give a 10% monthly if groups bring in 4 cars and more in a given day. The group scheme discounts can only be awarded if the cars are brought in one day.

Tyre Polish

We use specialised tyre polish depending on the make of the car.