Mohau Credit Clear

Credit Clear

We clear your name on the credit bureaus

We market a process that specialises in clearing our clients from blacklistings at the credit bureaus, thereby improving their credit status.

We have created a system that has over the years been proven to work. We have ensured that our Team consists of specialists that have experience, which gives you top quality service with top quality results.

Frequently asked question

A credit report is information about an individual or organization that is relevant to a credit provider or trade lender in determining if that individual or organization is credit worthy.

Only disputable, incorrect or inaccurate listings may be disputed, therefore improving your credit file. Please note any and all listings which relate to bankruptcy are not removable. However, apart from bankruptcies, all your defaults, judgements, credit infringements and repayment records can be repaired by a credit repair firm.

  • - Defaults Judgments
  • - Credit enquiries
  • - Previous directorships e.t.c

Paying off your debts is the most important step in reestablishing your credit history. Lenders, including credit card providers, usually update your account information once a month. For that reason, we suggest you allow a minimum of 30 days and up to 45 days for the account information to be reported.

Yes! One of the good things about your credit report is that negative information and closed accounts are deleted so that you can rebuild a damaged credit history. A closed account with late payments in its history will be deleted seven years from the original delinquency date of the account.