We assist our clients with:

  • A confidential credit check
  • Rescission-
  • How to maintain credit behavior

How we help you

As a registered business subscriber with South Africa’s leading credit bureau the TransUnion. These are some of the focuses we have

Credit check

This is the information we need for a confidential credit check

  • ID number
  • Full names
  • Residential address

On receipt of these documents detailed information of your payment profile will be sent to you via email.


We will also assist you to rescind jurisdictions such as Notices, Judgments and defaults.

Documents required for this action include: consent letter, ID copy, proof of residence and a paid in full letter. These can also vary from type of dispute.

Types of notices: (These notices can take up to 10 years before they are removed from your name).

  • Debt review
  • Sequestration
  • Rehabilitation
  • Administration orders

Defaults: 2 years

Judgment: 5 years

Mohau Credit Clear


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