Debt Counselling:

  • Which includes, drawing of the budget with the applicant, negotiate the new instalments with credit providers.
  • We arrange that the applicant pays one instalment onto PDA (Payment Distribution Agency) from which distribution is made to all credit providers.
  • We approach and file all the consents with the relevant courts / NCT ( National Consumer Tribunal).
  • We set aside administration orders through our Attorney link in house.
  • We endeavour to get a shortest possible period of payment.
  • We give after market service with our long standing relationship with our client.

Debt Counselling Services:

  1. drawing of the budget
  2. negotiate the new instalments
  3. pays one instalment onto PDA
  4. shortest possible periods of payment
  5. long standing relationship with our client


I was introduced to Mohau Debt Counselling Services in October of 2010 , and went under review with them from November 2010. A very Professional company to be associated with , You are well equipped with information before you can make a decision to go the review, and it doesn’t matter how many times you call after you have been given all the information , you will still be treated with the utmost professionalism .

I encountered problems with one of my Creditors , which happens to be a big bank, where my account was debited over and above the payment made by MDC . Attempts to resolve this with the bank became a painful experience than went on for 5 months , I finally , through MDC received the termination letter from the Bank . Peace of mind for me was that , I did not have to get involved in all that, MDC handled all that on my behalf, and by the time I found out about it I was already reinstated.

If you are looking for a team of people that have your best interest at heart , and treat your financial affairs as their first priority, MDC is the perfect team. They know the meaning of Debt relief.

— Seipati Kgoroge

Mohau Debt Counseling Services has really made my life a lot easier. I now enjoy the benefits of having to buy Groceries for my family each and every month as well as the assurance that all my monthly financial obligations are met. I have never been so happy. I also rest better knowing that the status of my name with the credit beaurues is not affected negatively. I would advise anyone who is over indebted to seek help from professionals such as Mohau Debt Councellors.

— Nontobeko Sello

Hi Mohau
Thank you very much for helping me with my debts, I mean, my phone is not ringing like before with creditors calling me for payments. I now have a peace of mind.

I’m not struggling with my payments, no sleepless nights over unpaid debts and I know I’m protected. I will tell others that there is no problems that cannot be fixed.

Thank you very much.

— Joefrey Gwapo


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