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Mohau Security

We protect valuables and vulnerable

In the modern world, criminals are getting smarter and smarter, and so our methods of preventing crime need to keep up with these offenders. This is why using the technological devices that we have at our disposal is so necessary. With the advent of CCTV cameras, many criminals were unable to commit crimes, or were caught in the act, and these cameras ensured that those who perpetrated crimes received their due punishment.

Although CCTV cameras have been around for many years, we are now able to better manage them with wireless technology including but not limited to cell phones In this way, Mohau Security can supply an extra level of security for your premises, whether for the residential, commercial, or industrial sectors.

We also have a variety of other security technology devices that make use of all of our technological knowledge to ensure that people and property is kept as safe as possible at all times.

We serve in these

Our highly customized teams bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expertperspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake.

VIP protection

We offer VIP Protection for guests or attendees who require more secure and proactive security protection.

Events Security

We provide assistance on advance planning for event crowd control; and when necessary, crisis response.

Armed Response

Our team has been trained to respond quickly to emergency and handle each case with the necessary efficiency and integrity.

Shopping Center

Shopping centers and malls have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective shopping center security strategy, which means you need a partner with experience providing retail security solutions.

Hospital Security

A hospital is like a city within a city, and each one is complex and different. Hospitals face unique security and safety challenges because of the high volume of visitors and patients, fast paced environment, and patient confidentiality concerns.

Remote Surveillance

A cutting edge security solution that will enable a sophisticated surveillance centre to view, monitor and analyze video footage of your premises remotely.

Our Partner

We have partnered with TIMMY® an internationally recognized company with high credibility in the security industry.